Guide : 5 rules to think or rethinking your logotype

To turn an idea into a reality quickly, it is sometimes necessary to simplify and optimise the process. A good logotype is not the same as a beautiful illustration, just as a striking slogan is not enough. Searching for a new identity requires creativity, yes, but above all a clear and well-defined guideline.

As a professional, we are regularly in charge of this reflection on the image and brand of our clients' companies. The redesign of a logo is not always necessary, as it is sometimes very subtle. 

Your identity should not follow every trend, but accompany every evolution of your company.   

This is why, in this guide that we put at your disposal, we share with you the keys that will allow you to think or rethink your identity in a modern and sustainable way.

However, we recommend that you seek professional advice during this process, so that you can go further in the creation of your logo's graphics and benefit from personalised advice.

The fact is that today, a well thought-out logo must be : 

  • Memorable,
  • Flexible,
  • Minimalist,
  • Timeless,
  • With meaningful colours !