An R&D project

Incubated at the Citadelle des Savoir-faire, Farm-3D is a Research & Development project specializing in the implementation of a digital, mobile device for manufacturing and repairing components essential to the continuity of critical activities or human health. These Digital Mobile Workshops, also known as "Shelters", are an industrial response to the vital challenges faced by players operating in isolated and extreme environments, such as the French army.

Creating the identity of a project still in development

Since the Farm-3D Shelter project is still in the development phase, we had to anticipate and brainstorm with the teams to plan for this period of growth. This process only served to breathe new life into our creativity!

Undertaking project communication in these early days opens up a wide range of possibilities and inspires us to set new and rewarding goals for our agency. This includes our participation in the Jayat show and competition.

How do you get away from clichés?

A standard image

The process of creating the logo began with the design of a unique typology, which blends a stencil font with a digital font found on dials. The elongation of the letters modernizes the stencil style often used in the military sector.

Inside the acronym is the "F" for Farm, Factory and Fablab. In other words, the 3 mobile workshop models offered by Farm-3D.

Here, the logo fits into a frame the size of the front and back of the company's container ("Shelter").

Respecting codes & modernizing them

Abandoning a style that is deeply rooted in the collective unconscious can be a major design challenge. But breaking away from it abruptly can be confusing. That's why we've chosen to take the established conventions of defence and guide them towards a more contemporary and subtle interpretation.

We have kept this approach for all the products we offer at Farm-3D: logo, brochures, technical data sheets, stands for trade fairs, shelter management software interfaces, etc...

mock up broderie farm-3d

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